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PHOTO GALLERY styled food photos mostly by Linda Long

Fashion Loves Animals
Fashion Show and Cocktail Party honoring Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, New York City
May 4, 2013

1. Model with friend
2. With Leanne Mai-Li Hilgart, founder @Vaute Couture honoree
3. With Chef Jay Astafa who did the savory starters for the evening (I did the desserts)

1. Chocolate Vodka Gell-oh Shots
2. White Chocolate Matcha Mousse with Kumquats and Pistachios

2. with Marisa Miller Wolfson, writer, director, editor @Vegucated

Vegan Vine Wine Tasting Dinner
Blossom Restaurant on Carmine Street, New York, NY
April 18, 2013

Left: Demetrius Bagley, Producer, Vegucated
Middle: John Salley, former NBA Champion, Vegan wellness advocate

The Seed
New York, NY
June 16-17, 2012

Irresistible Chocolate Desserts Demo
with assistant
Chef Christina Martin.

U.S premiere of Vegucated
October 13, 2011 - New York, NY -

Fran's double ginger bittersweet chocolate truffes,
served at the afterparty

1. Star-Writer-Director-Producer, Marissa Wolfson Miller
2. Sara Sohn (Sweet & Sara ); Joy Pierson Candle 70, Bart Potenza Candle 79
3. Peter and Mary Max

1. Dan Piero and Marissa Wolfson Miller
2. Joshua Katcher, the Discerning Brute
3. Chloe Jo Davis, Girlie Girl Army and Panther
4. Fran

London Vegan Potluck
October 5, 2011

Sean of FatGayVegan introducing me and my cookbook
in London at Vegan Potluck

1. a. At the River Thames, friends house plate of truffles for the Vegan Potluck; c. I was having fun for sure!
2. With organizer: Sean (aka Fatgayvegan ); b. Whole Foods Market
3. Dlicious fare at Ottolenghi Restaurant

Paris Vegan Day
October 1-2, 2011

With  Alessandra Felice, my former intern,
now pastry chef at InSpiral, London

With Chef Mark Reinfeld (Vegan Fusion)

1. With Tina Chevalier: time off to sightsee. 2. Friday morning café. 3. A demo at Paris Vegan Day.

Forks Over Knives screening and VIP Party
December 6th, 2010 - New York City

1.Rip the vegan heagan fireman, author of bestselling Engine 2 Diet, Joy Pierson, of the Candle Restaurants, and Fran
2. Better Peanut Butter Cups, recipe adapted from her book,  Fran made following the E2Diet rules. All gone fast!
3.Fran at FOK party with last plate of PB Cups! (I did set 2 aside for Rip, as he's not eaten my desserts since I made cake for his wedding!)

Better Old Fashioned Desserts Class
at the Institute of Culinary Education
November 1st, 2010

June 2010 Bootcamp

Wedding Cake:
Coconut Cake with Chocolate Coconut Mousse Filling & Vegan Coconut Buttercream

Fran's cake for Rae & JC's wedding
at NAVS Summerfest

Fran Costigan's Vegan Baking Boot Camp®
February 11-14, 2010
at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health & Culinary Arts, NYC

Pecan-Coconut filled Spice Cake 
Gorgeous Chocolate Cakes

Cookie plate

The Chocolate Cake to LOVE For

Students at the February 2010 "Boot Camp"

Dark Chocolate Truffles

Carrot Cake

November 2009
Farm Sanctuary Celebration For the Turkeys
at Tavern on the Green, New York
Fran created a vegan fair-traded chocolate cake plate.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
tasting event

March 24, 2009

Fran with Morgan Spurlock, academy Award nominated American documentary filmmaker (Supersize Me), television producer and screenwriter

Fran's Chocolate Mini Cakes to Live For
with Theo Bittersweet (vegan) Ganache
photo by Linda Long

Fall classes at the Natural Gourmet Institute, NYC

Vegan Chocolate Decadence, September 2008

Chocolate Espresso Cupcakes and Orange Cream Cupcakes made by attendee and bakery owner, Denise Treco during my class Vegan Cupcakes, October 2008

February 2009 Boot Camp

October 2008 Boot Camp Graduates and assistants. That's me in center with black coat.

The Chocolate Cake to Live For
for Tracy & Rob by Mom Costigan

Mocha ganache and white vegan buttercream
photographs by Al Romero

Vegan Baking Boot Camp Winter 2008

For a complete set of photos by Emilie Hardman please go to this Flickr page

Gorgeous Mixed Grape Cornmeal-Pignoli Tart (Wheat-Free)

Coffeecake Muffins by Vegan Baking Boot Camper Baker Danette of Santa Monica, CA

Black Bottom Banana Cream Tart by Vegan Baking Boot Camper Eva from Seattle, WA

A Good Day's Work by Vegan Baking Boot Campers! Taking photos before presentation plating and tasting.

The Chocolate Cake to Live For: 'Homework'  by Vegan Baking Boot Camper Diana of LA. Her husband Tom gave her an A+

A Luscious Fair-trade Chocolate Orange Layer Cake

Fran's trip to Paris - January 2008

1. Fran after a hard day's night finds the Organic stall

2. Paris Boulangerie

3. Waiting for fresh Bread

4. I wanted to sample them all, and so I did

5. Paris market day

The New York Coalition for Healthy School Food Benefit
hosted by Jayni & Chevy Chase
Peter Max Studio, NYC - October 2007

Deep Dark (Fair trade) Chocolate Truffles
Fran's creation for the special evening

The Deconstructed Opera Plate, presented by Fran at the 2007 Vegetarian Awakening conference.

Back Row: Derek Sarno, Mizuna Catering & Organic Tea House, NH; Chad Sarnow, Executive Chef/Owner, The LifeCo, Istanbul, Turkey; Tal Ronnen, Founder and Chef the Veg Advantage, LA, CA; Kevin Dunn, Vegan Culinary Instructor, Grand Rapids, Michigan; Sualua Tupolo, Director and Executive Chef; Atlantic Union College, South Lancaster,MA

Front Row: Ian Brant, Chef, Sages Cafe, Salt Lake City, Utah; Eric Tucker, Chef, Millennium Restaurant, Cook book Author, San Francisco, California; Cathi Di Cocco, Chef/Owner Café di Cocoa, Maine; Fran Costigan, Vegan Baking Instructor, Cookbook Author NYC, New York; Bryanna Grogin Clark, Cookbook Author, British Columbia.

Photo: Linda Long

Vegetarian Journal 25th Anniversary

Fran's Colossal Chocolate Layer Cake Filled & Frosted with Chocolate Ganache, from More Great Good Dairy Free Desserts Naturally on the cover of the anniversary issue

Fran’s book launch party in SOHO

With multi-award winning cookbook author Rose (The Cake Bible) Levy Bernanbaum
She has been called the most meticulous cook who ever lived.

Whole Foods NYC, Columbus Circle, dessert sampling and book signing.

Over 500 of Fran’s mini cupcakes, biscotti and cookies were gobbled up, with tasters wanting to know "which aisle—I need to buy these!”

Vegetarian Awakening Conference 2006
Grand Rapids, MI

Earthsave NYC’s Taste for Health
Lincoln Center, NYC - June 2006

1. A broken foot did not keep Fran from presenting her special chocolate demo (2) at Earthsave
3. A fan expresses chocolate joy after tasting Fran’s Mini Chocolate Cupcakes to Live For!